A creative observer who writes about life, including what happens when we lose our shit. Highlighting the typical, unusual twists and comedy of it all.

An index of random musings on life and stuff

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Links & Listicles

While having a mini tantrum about the lack of layout options available (if you don’t want to create a pub) I decided to build a bridge and get over myself and put together an index-ish list. …

Musings on perceived requirements to fall in line with other people’s sacrifices, time and opinions

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Hi, I’m TC — A Proud Non-Conformist

I’ve never been one to colour inside the lines of the standard picture, or try to fit in a box of any sort. Plus a high tendency to break out in hives when forced to do anything under assumptions. Basically, I’m defiant as fuck. …

Cultured Newsletter: August 2021

The end is upon us, will you be ending or beginning?

Image by Author via Canva

This is the end, hold your breath and count to ten...
- Adele, Skyfall

Alright mate, enough dramatics it’s only the end of a season, not humanity. Well, pandemic pending and all that…

The end of summer or any season can bring a sense of somberness and finality, especially for…

A poem about the relentless encore of heartbreak

A black and white photo of a female dancer performing
Image by Clarence Alford from Pixabay

An empty soul tortured in a crowded room,
yet, no(one) can fill the barren space —
Screw the heartbreak that continues to loom,
blameless. For the cure (lies) in truths embrace.

Needs and cares shielded when confronted
Hidden for every performance that commences
Emoting from the stage but craves love unprompted
Falsely trapped…

A nostalgic look at the wise and cautionary one-liners I heard growing up and still cherish today

Image by Sculpies via Canva

Words of Wisdom

During your formative years, how much attention did you really pay to the words of caution or advice you may have heard growing up? If you’re anything like me probably not that not much, or perhaps only after the shit hit the fan a few times. …

A cinquain quartet

A view through a mountain valley of the northern lights, lighting the sky with a spectrum of colors
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

precedes nightfall.
Stands guard while the sun rests.
Magenta hues melt into midnights’
lit moon.

Light beams,
faster than sound.
Rays pierce through the shadows.
Fluorescent siblings of the sun

aurora glows.
Colliding particles
stream magnetic fields of color
charged mass.

gasping for air.
Awe-inspiring views.
gods twirling…

TC Hails

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